Thursday, August 25, 2005

Introducing ...

I love c64 demos.

I love collecting them, I love watching them, I love discussing them. I've been doing so for almost 20 years now which, given that I turned 35 today, is quite a big part of my life.

I also love rating demos, something I've been doing since 1990. Through the years my scoring-system changed (a lot), but I think I've finally got it down.Which is a good thing because I have a dream. Granted, it's not a very interesting dream but it's mine and dammit, I'm going to try my best to realize it.

You see, I want to run a site where all other c64 demo lovers, both old and new, can find information about which demos really matter. Because there have been literally thousands of demos during those past 20 years, so chances are there are certain gems out there that got lost in the fold. By systematically going through my quite large collection and rating the demos in it, I hope to be able to point people in the right direction.

Now, this is not that site, but merely the first step towards it. Consider it my playground, a way of finding out what is the best method to use for this extensive task, and if there's really an interest in the work I plan to do, or if I'm just another crazy guy trying to fulfill a crazy dream nobody cares about.

ps: if you're more interested in reading about new releases, check out my other blog called The Dark Court.